Plant pathogen sensor uses smartphone to detect diseases: Page 3 of 3

August 13, 2019 //By Rich Pell
Smartphone-based plant pathogen sensor detects disease in the field
Portable sensor technology that is used with a smartphone has been developed researchers at North Carolina State University. It enables users to identify plant diseases in the field by sampling airborne volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that plants release through their leaves.

Looking ahead, the researchers say they are hoping to improve their technology in two areas. First, they would like to automate the pattern analysis using software for the smartphone, making it easier for users to make disease determinations.

Second, they envision the development of customized reader strips designed to measure the VOCs associated with other diseases specific to a given crop. Different crops in different regions face different threats, say the researchers, so paper strips could be developed that are tailored to address those specific concerns.

For more, see "Non-invasive plant disease diagnostics enabled by smartphone-based fingerprinting of leaf volatiles."

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