Production-ready software for gesture control and 3D motion tracking

January 01, 2020 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Production-ready software for gesture control and 3D motion tracking
CEVA has introduced a new generation of its Hillcrest Labs sensor fusion product family, with the launch of the MotionEngine™ Air, a production ready software that delivers low power, motion-based gesture control, 3D motion tracking and pointing for consumer handheld devices in high volume markets.

Markets for gesture control and 3D motion tracking include smartphone and PC stylus pens, smart TV and over-the-top (OTT) remote controls, game controllers, AR and VR controllers, and PC peripherals.

The global market for Bluetooth® and other wireless handheld controllers is expanding rapidly with more than 500 million RF devices expected to ship in 2022. New advancements in low power inertial sensors and Bluetooth Low Energy along with the MotionEngine Air sensor fusion software yields sub-milliamp level power draw for the whole system. This enables the proliferation of precise, interactive and intuitive motion-control for always-on and always-aware user experiences. 

Some key features of MotionEngine Air include precise pointing, gesture and motion control algorithms that feature cursor for point-and-click control of an onscreen UI; gestures such as flick, shake, tap, tilt, rotate, or circle for intuitive UI controls; 6-axis sensor fusion enabling 3D motion tracking for gaming and VR; and Motion events such as pick-up, flip and stability detector to enable power savings.

MotionEngine Air benefits from patented orientation compensation and adaptive tremor removal, required for a consistent and intuitive user experience.

Pre-qualified for use with sensors from the leading inertial sensor suppliers MotionEngine Air includes a comprehensive software stack with host drivers and sensor management to streamline software integration with widely used operating systems including Android, Windows, MacOS and Linux. An Arm Cortex-M based evaluation board and related firmware are available.

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