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January 24, 2019 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Project looks to integrate drones into 'automated airports' to boost safety
A new project ASAS – Airport Surveillance for Airport Safety, led by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and to be conducted together with LFV (Luftfartsverket), Swedish Regional Airports (SRF), Örnsköldsvik Airport (OER) and FlyPulse will develop and demonstrate drone solutions to help automate daily operations in airports.

The project leverages years of experiences of drone development at FlyPulse and will deliver drone systems that are tailored for the needs of airports.

“The airport is a special environment where close interactions with Air Traffic Control (ATC) and authorities are needed. Our drone systems need to consider flight schedules and be able to operate day and night, as well as in harsh weather situations,” says Jan Björn, CEO at FlyPulse.

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden is leading the project and will offer their skills in wireless communications and automation for the drone system development, as well as provide business development for market introduction.

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“We need to consider different communication systems to make sure there is a certain level of availability and reliability for remote control and data delivery. 5G is one on-going topic which we will have a close look at, especially for use cases at the airports,” says Lei Chen, Senior researcher at RISE. “In addition, we will also investigate the seamless integration of such a system into current daily operations procedures and establish an innovation platform for future advanced intelligent functionalities.”

The project will last for 14 months and there will be a public demonstration in mid 2019. The project is funded by VINNOVA, Sweden’s innovation agency through its program on future drones.

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