Ready-to-use Wi-Fi-5/Bluetooth-5.0 and LTE wireless kits

September 08, 2020 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Ready-to-use Wi-Fi-5/Bluetooth-5.0 and LTE wireless kits
The ready to use wireless kits reduce time to market by removing certification obstacles and are compatible with standard M.2 2230 A-E key form factor connectors.

Advantech has announced two wireless kits aimed at improving connectivity in diverse applications, the EWM-W192 K1/K2 and EWM-C186K1 (EWM-W/C). These wireless kits enable Wi-Fi-5/Bluetooth-5.0 and LTE CAT16 respectively.

EWM-W192 K1 and K2 are compatible with standard M.2 2230 A-E key form factor connectors, while EWM-C186 K1 connects easily to M.2 3042 key-B for convenient wireless access. Both EWM-W/C models feature FCC and CE-RED certified wireless antennas and cables for system designers seeking wireless solutions in diverse industrial, retail, and medical applications.

Choosing the correct wireless solution is the first step in creating greater connectivity between machines. However, finding compatible antennas, cables, and connections can be a challenge for designers seeking to reduce time-to-market. Advantech’s EWM-W/C address these issues by featuring multiple dipole antennas and cables. The EWM-W192 K1 and K2 features 2 x dipole antennas and MHF4 RF connector cables. The EWM-C186K1 features 4 x dipole antennas and MFH4 connector cables. This adaptable wireless solution facilitates easy planning, installation, and management to reduce time-to-market.

In an effort to avoid bottlenecks caused by RF testing, Advantech partnered with Intel® IoT BU to certify its EWM-W/C wireless kits. To this end, the EWM-W/C wireless kits satisfy international safety standards for human exposure to electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic signals, and are CE RED, FCC, and IC certified, making them an excellent choice for EU, US, and Canadian customers. The streamlining of RF testing necessitates system-level EMC/EMI related tests only. Through leveraging these wireless kits, customers can streamline their wireless integration process.

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