Research project shows why AI should not mimic humans

November 21, 2019 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Research project shows why AI should not mimic humans
Cyber security specialist F-Secure has launched a new research project that uses inspiration from nature to further develop the decentralized AI mechanisms currently used in its detection and response technologies.

The initiative, dubbed Project Blackfin, aims to leverage collective intelligence techniques, such as swarm intelligence, to create adaptive, autonomous AI agents that collaborate with each other to achieve common goals.

According to F-Secure Vice President of Artificial Intelligence Matti Aksela, there's a common misconception that "advanced" AI should mimic human intelligence – an assumption Project Blackfin aims to challenge.

"People's expectations that `advanced' machine intelligence simply mimics human intelligence is limiting our understanding of what AI can and should do. Instead of building AI to function as though it were human, we can and should be exploring ways to unlock the unique potential of machine intelligence, and how that can augment what people do," says Aksela, head of F-Secure's Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence.

Aksela conceptualized the Project Blackfin research initiative with a cross-disciplinary team of artificial intelligence and cyber security researchers, mathematicians, data scientists, machine learning experts, and engineers.

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