Scalable IoT system uses smart plugs to manage assets

June 17, 2020 //By Rich Pell
Scalable IoT system uses smart plugs to manage assets
WattIQ (formerly Ibis Networks) has announced the commercial availability of what it says is the first scalable, enterprise-grade IoT system for asset utilization and condition monitoring built around smart plugs.

IoT managment provider, WattIQ applies machine learning to power consumption at the device level, analyzing assets like centrifuges, incubators, HPLCs, vending machines, freezers, and other electrical office equipment as soon as they connect to the smart plugs. Now, says the company, enterprises can monitor device utilization, health, and location of assets simply by plugging into its network of connected smart plugs.

The "low touch" IoT managment system is designed to enable assets to be connected to the network in just minutes. Within 60 seconds of being connected, power data for the asset is visible, and actionable insights are available within 24 hours. It is also possible to pilot or fully deploy the technology without the need to invite WattIQ onsite.

The system is both manufacturer- and device-type-agnostic and can scale from tens to thousands of assets within a building or across multiple sites. The centralized dashboard enables easy management of the smart plugs, as well as insights from an individual asset to an aggregated asset class or department view.

"We are building on our roots in energy management at the device level to enable an even bigger sustainability impact by eliminating the waste from severe underutilization of billions of assets," says Priya Vijayakumar, CEO, WattIQ. "By addressing the pervasive blind spots that still exist in many industries – how often are all our assets being used and when? Are we paying for maintenance on equipment that is rarely used? Which manufacturer has the optimal cost of ownership vs utilization? Could I monitor the health of my devices in a cost-effective way? - WattIQ is today enabling customers in the life sciences, higher education and commercial real estate businesses to reimagine their asset sharing, procurement, maintenance and monitoring.”

For more, see " Deploying power monitoring for asset utilization in a lab ."


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