Second win for Qualcomm as JTFC finds licensing program lawful

March 18, 2019 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Second win for Qualcomm as JTFC finds licensing program lawful
Following a nine-year evidentiary proceeding, Japan Fair Trade Commission (JFTC) has reversed a 2009 cease-and-desist order affecting Qualcomm licensing in Japan.

The JFTC found that Qualcomm's cross-licensing provisions and non-assertion covenants that were the subject of the cease-and-desist order did not violate Japanese antimonopoly law.

In 2010, the Tokyo High Court had issued a stay of the JFTC cease-and-desist order pending this proceeding. This week's JFTC decision, the result of a process that included 37 separate hearings, rejected an initial finding related to cross-license agreements between Qualcomm and Japanese manufacturers.

"We are very gratified to learn that after years of considering the evidence and applicable legal authority, the Japan Fair Trade Commission has concluded there was nothing improper about Qualcomm's cross-licensing program," said Don Rosenberg, general counsel and executive vice president of Qualcomm.

"The JFTC is now the second antitrust agency after the Taiwan Fair Trade Commission to have revoked its ruling against Qualcomm."


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