Sigfox sells German network to Cube Infrastructure Managers

September 22, 2020 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Sigfox sells German network to Cube Infrastructure Managers
Cube Infrastructure Managers brings together the Sigfox 0G network operators in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, through the acquisition of a majority stake in Heliot Europe and the acquisition of Sigfox Germany.

Sigfox has announced a strategic alliance with Cube Infrastructure Managers (Cube), through the sale of its German 0G network to Cube. A 0G network is a dedicated, low-bandwidth wireless network specifically designed to connect low-powered, low-cost IoT devices to the internet without SIM cards.

Sigfox has grown its 0G IoT services by rolling out 0G networks across 72 countries and regions, which was largely achieved with partners called Sigfox Operators. These operators are the owners of the 0G networks, which they operate as exclusive connectivity providers of Sigfox IoT services. The sale of the German network to Cube will allow Sigfox to finance its continued innovation efforts in data value extraction and improvements in cloud algorithms to reduce energy consumption and allow the implementation of even more cost-effective devices and sensors.

Cube Infrastructure Managers within its strategic alliance with Sigfox has acquired a majority stake in Heliot Europe, the owner and operator of the Sigfox 0G networks in Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. It has also purchased Sigfox’s 0G network in Germany, which it is acquiring through Heliot Europe. Cube is therefore bringing together the 0G networks of all these four countries, which will together form the largest 0G network in Europe. Cube’s objective is to accelerate the growth of this essential and exclusive IoT infrastructure in the region in joint venture with the operating management of the networks, which retains a minority stake in Heliot Europe.

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Rather than competing with cellular technology, Sigfox 0G has proved to complement this technology where it is not suitable thanks to devices which use far less energy and radio spectrum and cost far less. Cube’s acquisitions of Sigfox Germany and Heliot Europe mark a milestone in the IoT’s market maturity as it recognizes the long-term growth potential of IoT 0G infrastructure networks.

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