Simple IoT security for protecting edge devices

February 12, 2019 //By Rich Pell
Simple IoT security for protecting edge devices
Networking company Extreme Networks (San Jose, CA) has announced the general availability of what it says is a simple security system to help organizations secure unsecured IoT devices.

Able to be deployed on any network, the Defender for IoT, says the company, is so easy to use that even non-technical staff at schools, hospitals, retailers, and hospitality venues can use it to isolate and protect both wired and wireless IoT devices from cyberattacks.

"Businesses are extracting so much value from the IoT revolution that it's easy to see why deployments are happening fast, and security should not be viewed as an impediment to that," says Mike Leibovitz, Senior Director of Product Management and Strategy, Extreme Networks. "With Defender for IoT, our goal is not only comprehensive security, but delivering it in a way that is simple and accessible to everyday employees to ensure business productivity is not affected by security protocol."

Currently, says the company, IoT devices present two major security flaws for businesses today: Most lack embedded security since they were built to run on private networks where the assumption was it was tightly controlled and device-level security wasn't required; and they are typically deployed in a flat or unsegmented network so that if breached, the attacker can gain access to sensitive areas of the network.

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