Small MEMS oscillator delivers breakthrough 70-fs jitter: Page 2 of 2

July 31, 2020 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Small MEMS oscillator delivers breakthrough 70-fs jitter
SiTime Corporation has introduced the SiT9501 differential MEMS oscillator based on its newly launched third generation MEMS technology, delivering 70-fs jitter in a tiny space.

In anticipation of massive Internet traffic growth, driven by 5G, AI and cloud computing, data centers are increasing throughput. Optical modules and data communications equipment need to deliver faster data rates. Outdoor 5G infrastructure is subject to environmental stressors such as high-temperature, vibration and airflow that can degrade throughput. With the increased data rates and potential environmental stressors, timing margins shrink, requiring lower jitter oscillators to ensure the same quality of service.

In optical modules, a third of the PCB area is consumed by the optical sub-assembly, leaving little room for data processing electronics, and making small size a critical factor in oscillator selection.

TheSiT9501 differential oscillator solves both key issues by offering the lowest jitter in the presence of environmental stressors, and the smallest size.

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