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July 09, 2019 //By Rich Pell
Edge AI spinout targets smart, efficient IoT
Latent AI (Menlo Park, CA), an early stage venture spinout of nonprofit scientific research institute and organization SRI International, has emerged from stealth announcing the closing of a seed funding round and the launch of its edge AI processing platform.

Steve Jurvetson, who also serves on the Boards of Tesla, SpaceX, and D-Wave, adds, "With the internet of things, we are creating a sensory nervous system on the planet, with countless sensors and data collecting proliferating across the planet. All of this 'big data' would be a big headache but for machine learning to find patterns in it all and make it actionable, and edge computing to shift the processing to the periphery and avoid network overload."

"The edge needs AI, and AI needs the edge. Latent AI integrates both with a portfolio of IoT edge compute optimizers and accelerators that bring an order of magnitude improvement to existing infrastructure. This is essential, as the majority of new software today is AI and most compute cycles will shift to the edge."

Latent AI says it is working with top players in high-end consumer electronics, AR/VR, gaming, auto, drones, and robotics.

Latent AI

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