Study concludes wireless radiation can cause rare cancer: Page 2 of 2

April 02, 2018 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Study concludes wireless radiation can cause rare cancer
The California Brain Tumor Association has announced that the National Toxicology Program Review Panel has concluded that there is clear evidence of a rare heart cancer being caused by cell phone radiation in a $25 million National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences animal study completed over 18 years.

The California Brain Tumor Association says the industry controlled FCC and Congress who is well funded by the telecom industry should be held responsible for not warning the public of this cancer risk since we have had the human studies for years and the World Health Organization classified all wireless radiation as a Class 2B Carcinogen in 2011. The FCC and Congress need to be held accountable for last week passing The Wireless Infrastructure Streamlining Order and The Ray Baum Act which specifically bans any consideration of scientific and environmental evidence like the critical findings of the NTP Study and Ramazzini Institute Study when placing a 5G cell tower transmitter near unsuspecting residents homes.

For more information regarding the review panels findings please see:

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