Transceiver secures voice and data channels over 12km

May 09, 2019 //By Ally Winning
SCT2400 transceiver from CML Microcircuits
The SCT2400 transceiver from CML Microcircuits has been designed to sustain secure digital voice and data communication channels over ranges in excess of 12km (line of sight).

The transceiver can be used in systems operating in licensed and unlicensed bands.

The SCT2400 uses spread spectrum modulation in the 2.4 GHz frequency range. It gives a range of over 12km with up to 100mW of output power is achieved and consumes just 10mA in scan mode, around 52mA when receiving voice and 64mA when transmitting voice.

CML’s voice coding expertise and advanced forward error correction allow the SCT2400 to provide clear, secure communications over long ranges in low power radio systems. The SCT2400 will allow manufacturers use a single platform for multiple regions, and the support for short data messages will let it address new markets and emerging applications.

The SCT2400’s low power dissipation and small size (10-mm by 10-mm, 144-BGA package) means it can be used in portable, mobile and wearable products. It operates from a single 3V supply and supports digital voice modes that include peer to peer, group call and broadcast, along with an SMS data mode.

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