Ultra-low power MCUs with security for IoT

February 17, 2020 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Ultra-low power MCUs with security for IoT
STMicroelectronics has announced ultra-low-power STM32L5x2 microcontrollers (MCUs) that emphasize security to assure better protected IoT-connected applications.

Boasting best-in-class power management for energy-conscious applications, the MCUs feature proprietary security builds on Arm TrustZone technology to achieve PSA Certified Level 2 certification.
Operating at clock frequencies to 110 MHz, the STM32L5-series MCUs start from the Arm® Cortex®-M33 32-bit RISC core with Arm TrustZone® hardware-based security. First conceived for equipment such as desktops, mobile devices, and communication infrastructure, trusted computing authenticates devices connected to a network by creating a protected execution environment for cyber-protection and sensitive code (cryptography and key storage) that blocks attempts to corrupt devices or software. A second, independent, execution environment allows for the running of untrusted code.
To this foundation, ST adds the freedom to include or exclude each I/O, peripheral, or area of Flash or SRAM from TrustZone protection, allowing sensitive workloads to be fully isolated for maximum security. In addition, ST has engineered TrustZone to ensure support for secure boot, special read-out and write protection for integrated SRAM and Flash, and cryptographic acceleration, including AES 128/256-bit key hardware acceleration, public key acceleration (PKA), and AES-128 On-The-Fly Decryption (OTFDEC), to protect external code or data. The STM32L5 also supports active tamper detection and secure firmware installation. With this attention to security, the STM32L5 has been certified to PSA Certified Level 2.

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