UWB demonstration showcases automotive applications

August 26, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
UWB demonstration showcases automotive applications
With a concept vehicle, Volkswagen and NXP have presented future applications of the UWB communications technology in automobiles. The focus is on secure access, but UWB also has a whole range of other worthwhile applications.

Keyless entry systems for vehicles are notorious for their poor theft protection – with relatively inexpensive equipment they can easily be tricked. Volkswagen has now unveiled a concept vehicle in which UWB use ensures that keyless entry systems will be safer in future.

To secure the radio link, the developers use UWB's ability to measure the "time-of-flight" (ToF) in order to determine a very precise location and distance between the radio key and the vehicle. Techniques which obtained access authorisation by extending this radio link are no longer possible in this way. In addition to precisely determining the distance, Volkswagen also uses artificial intelligence to secure access. The result is a personalized, teachable access algorithm that not only uses an intelligent UWB car key, but also recognizes the user's movement patterns and gestures.

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