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August 26, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
UWB demonstration showcases automotive applications
With a concept vehicle, Volkswagen and NXP have presented future applications of the UWB communications technology in automobiles. The focus is on secure access, but UWB also has a whole range of other worthwhile applications.

UWB, according to Volkswagen and NXP in a press release, offers a significant improvement over existing wireless technologies such as WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS due to its very accurate localization capabilities. The ability to capture contextual information such as the position and movement of the UWB anchor, or to process the distance to other devices with an unprecedented accuracy of just a few centimeters in real time, opens up a wide range of new applications.

With its specific properties, UWB opens up a broad range of applications.

In addition to the secure keyless entry procedure, the two partners see potential applications for UWB primarily in the area of Automated Valet Parking / Indoor Navigation and Asset Tracking. The combination of radar and UWB also opens up new application possibilities. Examples are in-cabin passenger detection and park distance control – the latter an application currently dominated by the expensive and failure-prone ultrasonic technology. Last but not least, the development partners also see application possibilities for UWB in the area of drive-through payment, for example at restaurants or petrol stations.

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