VNA check standards are ultra-portable

October 25, 2018 //By Julien Happich
VNA check standards are ultra-portable
The TA430 (Insertable M-F) and TA431 (Non-insertable F-F) VNA check standards can optionally be used to validate the accuracy of a network analysis test setup and its calibration before, during or after a sequence of measurements is made.

These devices present a high and varying impedance mismatch, delivering the most demanding test of system measurement accuracy currently available, and giving confidence in an instrument, its test leads and its ongoing calibration validity.  Suitable for use with any network analyser, the check standards assure, for example, that test leads and connectors have not become damaged or that environmental change is not degrading accuracy.

A data comparison utility is provided with PicoVNA 2 software to evaluate the comparison against a combination of specified measurement uncertainties for the device, test leads and the instrument. Each check standard is supplied with Touchstone measurement data on a USB memory stick. The data is traceable via PC3.5 standards to national standards. The supplied Touchstone measurement data is compatible with the PicoVNA 106 Vector Network Analyzer and can be used to manually validate a measurement of any manufacturer’s VNA, although the degree of support for the comparison will vary.

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