Wideband driver amplifier delivers 2-W Psat over 2 to 20 GHz

November 28, 2018 // By Julien Happich
RFMW now supports the design and sales of Qorvo’s QPA2213 GaN on SiC high-performance wideband, driver amplifier.

The device provides over 2 Watts Psat across a bandwidth of 2 to 20 GHz. Designed to support applications in EW, Radar, commercial and military communication systems, and test equipment, the QPA2213 has a small signal gain of  22-25 dB with a large signal gain of 16dB. Matched to 50 ohms, it offers flexible DC bias conditions to optimize power output versus power added efficiency (PAE). Offered in a small, 4.5- x 4.5-mm, air-cavity package.


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