Wireless charging system for NASA lunar robots: Page 2 of 3

November 20, 2020 //By Nick Flaherty
Wireless charging on the Moon
Astrobotic, Bosch and the University of Washington are working with WiBotic on a wireless charging system that will work on the Moon.

WiBotic is adapting its coils and components for the Moon.

“Mass is critically important. On the technical front we will be enhancing our existing systems for the environment, thermal capabilities and doing away with any active cooling such as fans, then there’s the radiation levels – certain components such as microcontrollers need to be radiation tolerant.”

Bosch will be working on the sensors and AI for navigation for the CubeRover while the University of Washington has expertise in regolith.

“The concept is, for now, that the Rover will house the on board charger, the receiver. The lunar lander will house the transmitter. This has batteries and we will be working on the system integration and is aware of its capacity so we can dynamically adjust the charging rate,” said Waters.

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